About SECC

We serve the global oil and gas industry with intelligent solutions to subsea, topside and hydraulic connection challenges, focusing on safety, reliability and performance. Our talented team of engineers and commercial specialists is dedicated to delivering the right client-focused connector technologies for a broad range of applications and, in doing so, is making major advancements in this important field.

As an organisation, we are passionate about maintaining our position at the forefront of the subsea and topside connector market and delivering the most efficient, cutting-edge solutions it has to offer. To achieve this, we make considerable investments in the development of new technology and work proactively to continually identify challenges within the market that our technologies can address. We empower our engineering teams to be inventive, free-thinking and innovative in their work, amid a culture of ownership and responsibility that we believe is central to generating the best outcomes for our clients.

Leading through innovation

We are an IP-led advanced engineering company with a portfolio of patented connector technologies that provide secure, reliable and efficient connection points for the transfer of fluids and gases. In partnership with our clients, our ground-breaking pipeline connectors are being deployed as enabling technologies in a wide variety of projects, from exploration and drilling to topside transfer and hydraulic control.

Ground-breaking technology

Our connectors combine considerable safety features and commercial benefits that are fundamentally changing the way our clients carry out fluid- and gas-transfer programmes. They include our straight-through-bore, pressure-balanced, dry-make-dry-break emergency breakaways, which not only eliminate fluid loss and protect hardware and personnel in the case of an emergency, but also enable exceptionally high-flow, high-pressure fluid transfer.

Our technologies offer full plug-and-play capability and are easily operated by ROV, without the need for specialist equipment. As a result, they can be deployed from a range of vessels including vessels of opportunity, leading to significant cost savings and fast deployment.

World-class engineering

We own our engineering and are committed to ensuring our technologies outperform anything else in the market. Our talented team of design and product engineers operates a continual programme of Research and Development from our Cheshire headquarters. Here we house a purpose-built complex of engineering labs and a large-scale assembly and testing facility, incorporating a 16 tonne crane and a suite of product-testing bays where our connectors undergo an extensive programme of pressure-, gas- and hyperbolic-testing.

Client-centred solutions

Our work is centred around the needs of our clients, which include many of the oil and gas industry’s most successful operators and tier-one service companies. We take an extremely proactive approach to solving their connection challenges; identifying weaknesses in conventional methods and designing best-fit solutions to overcome them in terms of safety and performance.

We are committed to taking a close collaborative approach to our relationships with clients to ensure the success of each installation, including providing expert design and technical support throughout the process.