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Subsea Controls

Our unique, patented Frameless connector provides a simple, flexible, high-flow connection solution for hydraulic controls and ROV tooling systems, where it can be positioned on hydraulic control modules, circuits and return lines.

Its full-bore, pressure-balanced, dry-make, dry-break capability makes it an ideal technology for use topside and subsea in a range of high and low-pressure hydraulic applications, including drilling, managed pressure drilling, hydro-testing, production, intervention, and maintenance and repair.

The Frameless connector is designed for applications in which a dry-make, dry-break facility is required for environmental or safety purposes. It also suits high-purity applications which require minimum fluid ingress during connection.

The connector’s pressure-balanced design eliminates separation forces, allowing it to be connected and disconnected at full operating pressure, and making it suitable for projects in which it is operationally inefficient or difficult to bleed pressure from a system during make-up.

The Frameless connector can also be engineered to different sizes – from 1/8” to 2” nominal ID – and rated to different pressures, making it easily manifolded and lending itself to projects in which special constraints prevail.