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Well Intervention

We engineer a range of connectors that provide clear operational and safety benefits to companies undertaking well intervention projects from riserless light well intervention vessels and vessels of opportunity.

For companies carrying out fluid interventions to improve rates of oil recovery through stimulation programmes, our connectors provide efficient and reliable high-rate fluid transfer to and from the well.

Our Hot Make Hot Break and Mid Line Weak Link connectors all feature our patented full-bore, pressure-balanced design and provide a mechanically-operated dry-disconnect, which directly seals both bores. In this way, they protect subsea hardware, personnel and the environment in the case of an uncontrolled vessel drift off caused by difficult sea conditions or a failure of the dynamic positioning system.

Benefits of our connection solutions:

  • Quick connect and disconnect
  • Full-bore, pressure-balanced design enables high-rate fluid transfer even in deep water
  • Emergency dry disconnect protects subsea hardware, personnel and the environment
  • 360° drift off protection
  • Choice of subsea-mounted, mid-line or vessel-positioned solutions
  • Compatible with coil tubing and flexible interfaces
  • Diver or diverless
  • Adaptable for permanent subsea placement onto production manifolds or subsea trees