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Secc’s EQD’s – Built For The Job, Patent Protected, DNV Qualified and above all else Field Proven with over 15 years of service behind us.


  Caltex Oil Tools and C-Innovation recently returned these two 2” 15Ksi Mid Line Weak Links to shore after a 6 month intervention campaign in

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SECC’s 20Ksi technology continues to gain acceptance.


Another order of 20Ksi “ISO/API” stabs and receptacles are readied for collection.  Great to see the 20Ksi business growing. #engineering # manufacturing  #oil and gas

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A 5 Year Service of a Hot Make Hot Break (HMHB)


SECC Oil and Gas supplied two of these builds to a Tier I OEM and intervention service company.  They are back with us undergoing their

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SECC is very pleased to welcome Luke Dunbebin to the Team.


Luke holds a 1st class honours degree in mechanical engineering. He’s an engineer with a passion for design and innovation and is already contributing to

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Thought you might like to see the process – 4. FAT, Qualification, Packing & Shipping


SECC are currently expediting 3 off 2” Mid Line Weak Link (MLWL) connectors for a tier I OEM and service company. These connectors have now

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