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The Hot Make Hot Break Gimbal Swivel System


Experience suggests that shallow water subsea well intervention operations where strong currents are present are at a higher risk of experiencing an angular emergency disconnect.

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Secc are first to design and deliver API and DNV qualified 15K psi Emergency Quick Disconnect


  Secc are the first to design and deliver an API and DNV qualified 15,000psi dual valved Emergency Quick Disconnect (EQD) connector, now available globally.

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Precision Polymer Engineering provide Secc with superiour sealing solution


  In order for Secc’s connectors to continually provide a zero-spill dry seal on disconnection, high performance sealing materials that form an airtight seal on

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Major oil company achieves acid stimulation pump rate of 56 Barrels per min with Secc’s HMHB connector


Secc’s Hot Make Hot Break (HMHB) connector safely allows a DP2 vessel to connect to a well via open water downlines to carry out well

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The Mid Line Weak Link Protection Jacket


Secc’s new advanced protection jacket permits complete protection when over boarding, installing or recovering the Mid Line Weak Link (MLWL) rigless connector. It ensures that

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OWI EU 2018 - Aberdeen, UK

24-26 April 2018

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Subsea UK Awards Dinner and Ceremony - Aberdeen UK

8 February 2018