Mid Line Weak Link (MLWL)

The Mid Line Weak Link is a full-bore, pressure-balanced connector, positioned midway along the hose. It is designed to break away in an emergency, automatically sealing the bore. This system prevents fluid loss to the marine environment. It also protects personnel and equipment from an uncontrolled disconnect and the impact of dangerous loads.

Its mid-hose options give operators and service companies complete flexibility to position the emergency quick disconnect system subsea, marine or topside. This makes it an ideal solution in a variety of applications, and an excellent alternative when a mounted disconnect is not appropriate.



  • Breaks under full working pressure
  • DNV qualified API6A 17D to PSL3 PR2 for Other End Connectors (OEC)
  • Pressure balanced design
  • Floated tension pin. Provides accurate load breakout management
  • Full-bore, high flow, minimal pressure drop across connector
  • Protection jacket available
  • Conventionally mounted within a flexible downline. Can also be permanently mounted to an asset
  • Compatible with a wide range of fluid media, including but not limited to:
    • Acid stimulation
    • Scale inhibitors
    • Cement for P&A work



  • Intervention
  • Vessel to vessel fluid transfer
  • Cementing and P&A work
  • Work over & well stimulation
  • Drilling
  • Pipeline pre-commissioning and commissioning
  • Vessel to rig fluid transfer
Bore Size

1” - 4”

Design Pressure

Up to 15,000 psi [1034 bar]

Water Depth

Up to 10,000 ft [3048m]

Operating Temperature

0ºC to 60ºC

End Connections

API, Norsok or ASME Flange,
Destec or Grayloc Hubs
Fig 1502 Hammer Union
H.P. Autoclave
Threaded (JIC or NPT)
Weld Preparation


HNBR, Viton (FKM) or Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM)


Super Duplex, Inconel and S316 Stainless Steel

Design Standard

API 6A and API17D to PSL3G PR2

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