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ISO 13628-8 Stabs – Secc’s Unique Anti-Calcareous Growth Seal

Secc ISO 13628-8 Stabs and receptacle


Long term ISO 13628-8 stabs exposed to the subsea environment for extended periods of time are prone to become seized inside of the receptacle. This issue occurs due to an excessive build up of marine growth. Secc’s anti-calcareous growth seal has been proven to successfully prevent the formation of marine growth on long term pressure retaining dummy stabs. It ensures ease of disconnection after extended periods of subsea exposure.

Image of the anti-calcareous growth seal that prevents marine growth build up between the ISO 13628-8 stab and receptacle

Secc ISO 13628-8 stabs incorporate a unique anti-calcareous growth seal that compresses between the stab body and receptacle upon connection. The seal forms a barrier of protection between the connector and the subsea environment. It also acts as a visual aid to verify true connection of the stab.


The anti-calcareous growth seal, combined with a Xylan/Molybdenum protective coating and high-strength handle, enable Secc to provide a 25+ year guarantee on its range of ISO 13628-8 stabs and receptacles.


Image of Secc's unique Anti-Calcareous Growth Seal fitted to an ISO13628-8 live single-port hot stab.