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Major oil company achieves acid stimulation pump rate of 56 Barrels per min with Secc’s HMHB connector


SECC Exhibition photo HMHB_3

Secc’s Hot Make Hot Break (HMHB) connector safely allows a DP2 vessel to connect to a well via open water downlines to carry out well intervention operations. It was successfully utilized for a campaign of acid stimulation by a Major oil company in the North Sea to pump at an unprecedented rate of 56 barrels per minute. Conventionally, the pump rate seen in acid stimulations without the use of a HMHB is to the tune of 16-18 barrels per minute, using 4 downlines.


The 4″ 10,000psi HMHB connector enabled the operator to conduct back to back subsea well stimulations without the requirement of a rig. Providing a high flow rate, high pressure, high volume solution using only 2 semi-rigid composite downline. This set up led to both a decrease in operational costs whilst also providing productivity gains.


Secc’s technology is a key element for safely enhancing and optimizing subsea wells for a number of operators throughout the globe. The HMHB allows a vessel to safely connect and disconnect both in a controlled manner or autonomously in an emergency drift off situation. Further to this, it is fully re-connectable subsea without any component changes.

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