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Service & Spares

Secc provide a full aftermarket service to clients, globally. Offering servicing, spares and support in line with the Operating Manual (OM) and Service Record Book (SRB) for Couplings supplied by Secc. Secc can mobilise parts and/or technicians as part of planned support or immediate servicing requirements globally, on and offshore. Ensuring the Secc SRB is up to date, delivers the reassurance that the highest standard of service and maintenance has been completed on this safety critical piece of equipment. Confirming the Coupling is operating in conjunction with the intended design parameters. Capturing that all procedures, components and engineers involved in the servicing of the Coupling are Secc approved. On completion of the Service, the Coupling will receive Secc SRB log, with all processes documented within a detailed service report. Aftermarket
  • Storage and servicing of connectors
  • Full service of connectors by qualified Secc service engineers a Secc or in country
  • Soft seal, trim and other part replacement
  • Major part replacement (where required)
  • Component improvement (where/if required)
  • Auxiliary part replacement or addition (where/if required)
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) (10-year service)
  • Full support for Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) and/or System Integrity Test (SIT)
  • Offshore operational support
The above gives clear benefits including the following:
  • Operational confidence
  • Product longevity
  • Industry expectation
  • Reduced operational downtime
  • Access to qualified personnel
  • Protecting personnel, the environment and assets
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