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Secc are first to design and deliver API and DNV qualified 15K psi Emergency Quick Disconnect

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Secc are the first to design and deliver an API and DNV qualified 15,000psi dual valved Emergency Quick Disconnect (EQD) connector, now available globally.

A Major operator has already utilised the 15,000psi Mid Line Weak Link (MLWL) connector as an emergency breakaway positioned midway between two hoses. This created a weak link between a subsea well and DP2 vessel during well intervention operations. It serves as a safety assurance system in the event of vessel drift off. The MLWL is a full-bore, pressure-balanced connector. It is designed to permit high flow rates at high pressures.

It will passively break without human intervention. Upon separation, each respective end of the connector seals immediately. This system prevents fluid loss to the marine environment. It also protects personnel and topside/subsea equipment from an uncontrolled disconnect and the impact of dangerous loads.

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