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Tech Venture Looks to Prevent Subsea Production Issues in Mexico’s Deepwater via Rigless Methods


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Mexico’s offshore oil and gas industry continues to capture the world’s attention. 

Secc Oil and Gas Limited established an ongoing technology venture in 2015 with the Instituto Mexicano del Petróleo (IMP). The venture’s focus is to capitalise on Secc’s Emergency Quick Disconnect (EQD) connector technology and intervention experience with IMP’s 50 plus years of exploration and production in the Mexican sector of the GoM.

Secc’s presentation given at the 2016 Offshore Well Intervention Conference Houston details how this venture builds on Secc’s success in preinstalling Rigless connectors on manifolds at the build stage to stimulate all wells connected to it. Further how this aids pro-active well intervention throughout a wells life including well kill and P&A activities.

Specifically it details how retrofitting manifolds with an Secc Hot Make Hot Break connector can be instrumental in removing hydrate blockages, and empowering well stimulation and other flow assurance programs.

As Mexico continues to garner interest from global operators, Secc and Mexico’s Petroleum Institute will play a key role in protecting and enhancing future subsea fields.