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The Mid Line Weak Link Protection Jacket


Secc’s new advanced protection jacket permits complete protection when over boarding, installing or recovering the Mid Line Weak Link (MLWL) rigless connector. It ensures that the connector, DP2 vessels, downlines, and subsea/topside assets are not adversely impacted should any collisions occur during intervention operations.

Performance of the connector remains unaffected, whilst full operational functionality is also maintained. Tasks such as lifting, securing end connections, and inspection of the sleeves and tension pin can be executed without removal of the jacket.

Protection Jacket website images

Tension pin inspection port websiteFEATURES

Does not impede operation of connector

Simple fitting and removal

Manufactured from PA612 Copolymer – Impact and weather resistant

Tension pin inspection port

Full access to end terminations without removing covers

Full access to lifting points to aid installation and handling, topside

Can accommodate tether points



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