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Tier 1 service provider takes delivery of two 15 KSI Mid Line Weak Links in the GoM


Another two 15 KSI rated Mid Line Weak Link (MLWL) connectors have just been shipped to a Tier 1 service provider in Houston, US. The leading service provider has a number of hydraulic intervention campaigns planned in the Gulf of Mexico and will be utilising the Mid Line Weak Links as a passive, autonomous Emergency Quick Disconnect (EQD) positioned mid-hose.

The MLWL protects both hoses and subsea infrastructure from damage that could be caused during a vessel drift-off scenario. Both sides of the connector seal instantaneously on disconnection, even at full working pressure of 15 KSI, meaning that no operational fluid is spilled to the environment.


2" 15 KSI Mid Line Weak Links


The client opted for their MLWLs to disconnect when an axial load >3 Tonnes is seen in the hose-line. Any desired break load can be accommodated by simply changing the tension pin. The MLWL is fitted with a floated tension pin mounted outside of the flow path. Floating the tension pin protects it from bending and torsional loads generated during operation. Being outside of the flow path protects the pin from forces generated from flow or pressure fluctuations. The MLWL is designed to disconnect only when an external axial pull is applied. Its fatigue free design eliminates uncontrolled actuation and premature disconnection.


2" 15 KSI Mid Line Weak Links