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You Ask, We Deliver. The World’s First Truly Passive, Plug-And-Play 15 ksi EQD.

Secc have designed the world's first truly passive, plug-and-play 15 ksi Emergency Quick Disconnect (EQD)


Two new design patents have been granted and Secc are now ready to accept orders for the 15 ksi Hot Make Hot Break (HMHB) EQD.

The connector can also accommodate hydraulic and/or electronic controls to enable a controlled disconnection. When mounted permanently onto subsea production systems the HMHB provides plug-and-play “USB” type access.

Common uses of the HMHB include all fluid based riserless interventions, hydrate remediation and depressurisation, topside transfers, well tests and hydro tests.

The HMHB is the Best Available Safest Technology (BAST) available worldwide.