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Acid Stimulation

Secc’s Coupling solutions have transformed the way acid stimulation projects are carried out by providing direct and immediate intervention capability and bypassing the need for a dedicated intervention rig or vessel, or riser-based or riserless technologies. Secc Couplings are therefore cutting the time and cost implications of traditional approaches to acid stimulation considerably.

Secc’s Hot Make Hot Break Coupling can either provide a subsea intervention point via a stand-alone intervention manifold, or can be placed directly on the production manifold or tree. The connector can also act as an EQD (Emergency Quick Disconnect) system, when operating from a DP (Dynamic Positioning) – enabled vessel.

Secc’s technology enables operators to act immediately when a decline in well production is identified, and perform a programme of stimulation from a vessel of opportunity, therefore reducing deferred oil revenue and making significant savings on vessel costs.

Secc have supported global well intervention campaigns for 20 years. Offering proven plug and play QCDC’s (Quick Connect Disconnect) in the most arduous conditions without compromise.