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Plug & Abandonment

Secc’s Hot Make Hot Break and Mid Line Weak Link Coupling solutions enable multiple operations to be carried out successively as part of a plug and abandonment (P&A) campaign. They are capable of managing a range of fluids under pressure, including abrasive substances such as drill cuttings and cement. Both provide full-bore, pressure-balanced connections that protect the well against any failure in DP (Dynamic Positioning) by disconnecting mechanically when a set break load is reached and automatically dry-sealing both bores to prevent any fluid loss. Secc’s unique patented- balanced designs removes separation forces allowing the passive Mid Line Weak Link Coupling to be set at relatively low Break loads: protecting the most sensitive and critical flow lines and infrastructure. Additionally Secc’s complete range of ROV API 17H hot stabs and receptables, complete the range of solutions offered for the Plug & Abandonment and decommissioning markets.