Hot Make Hot Break

The “HOT MAKE HOT BREAK” (HMHB) is a full-bore, pressure-balanced, zero spill “Quick Connect Disconnect” (QCDC) Coupling.

The HMHB provides a dedicated solution to High Pressure Subsea: Emergency Quick Disconnect (EQD) situations. The HMHB can be used for regular non-emergency operations.

The HMHB protects personnel, the environment and assets, without prolonged downtime.

The HMHB operates once an axial pull force is applied. The valve closure automatously seals and contains both the Fixed receptacle and the Free Probe. Providing zero spill and zero through seat leakage.

The HMHB facilitates the quickest connection (and reconnection) of any QCDC. The autonomous retention system aligns and retains the Coupling once attached and allows operations to re commence without delay.

The pressure balanced design removes any internal forces acting on the retention arms. This allows the connection and disconnection to be quick, safe without residual or full pressure transferring to the bore.

Re connecting the HMHB is “plug and play”. Only requiring the HMHB Probe to be introduced back to the receptacle. The valve closure autonomously opens, allowing operations to continue.

The HMHB is equipped with position indication (PI) to ensure the state of the connection is achieved.

The HMHB is designed to enable efficient pumping/transfer of fluids while providing a reliable safety system in the event of a vessel losing DP (dynamic positioning).

The HMHB can be positioned subsea or topside on non dedicated flanges. The HMHB will passively activate if the vessel it is connected to loses DP, even under full working pressure and with no fluid loss or line contamination, therefore delivering a high level of protection for crew, equipment and the environment.

The connector can be manually operated or overridden by ROV, diver, actuator or winch. It allows operators to dispense with guillotines and other uncontrolled subsea and topside emergency disconnection systems.

The ease with which the HMHB can be connected and disconnected also significantly reduces operational downtime and deferred oil revenues.


  • All Pumping and Fluid Transfer Project Associated with Subsea and Topside Applications
  • Manifold access
  • Well Stimulation, Work Over & Intervention
  • Well Testing
  • Work Vessel Reel
  • Pressure Testing
  • Coil Tubing
  • Kill Lines
  • Flying leads
  • Cementing
  • Chemical Injection


✅ Full bore HIGHFLOW
✅ Zero leak rate
✅ Zero spill
✅ Pressure balanced
✅ Passive operation
✅ Active operation
✅ Controlled closure
✅ Pressurised connection
✅ Pressurised disconnection
✅ Full flow disconnection
✅ Position indication
✅ Transit protection
✅ Manul, ROV, Diver or winch operable
✅ Designed & tested in line with API 6A and API 17D
✅ High angle disconnect option (Gimbal & Turret Swivel)
✅ Piggable option (<90º Flow Path)
✅ Cryogenic option
✅ Hyperbaric
✅ Qualified
✅ Field proven
✅ Patented

Bore Size

½”, 1”, 2” and 4”

Design Pressure

Up to 15,000 psi [1034 bar]

Water Depth

Up to 10,000 ft. [3048m]

Operating Temperature

-18ºC to 121ºC

Flow Path

90º, 45º or 30º

Male & Female End Fittings

API, Norsok or ASME Flanges
Destec or Grayloc Hubs
Fig 1502 Hammer Unions
H.P. Autoclave
Threaded (JIC or NPT)
Weld Preparation

Elastomeric Seals

HNBR, Viton (FKM) or Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM)


Super Duplex, Inconel and S316 Stainless Steel

Connection Methods

ROV - Fishtail, T-Bar, or Grab Handle
Manual Topside
Guide Wire Pull-In
Deployable Hydraulic Pull-In Tools

Guidance Methods

Male Probes & Female Funnels
Bull Horns & Bobbins
Female Probes & Male Funnels

Disconnection Methods

Hose Tension
ROV Pull-Out
Winch Wire
Hydraulic Override (Secc Actuator option)

Breakaway Control

Mechanical Locking Mechanism or Tension Pin - if required

Breakaway Load

Between ≈ 200kg at 0psi and 2 tonnes at 10,000psi with no breakaway control

Dimensions & Weights

Please refer individual data sheets

Flow Rates

For specific flow information, please contact Secc. [email protected]

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